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Dynamo Magickit
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34.80 EUR 37.50 USD

Dynamo Magickit

For the first time ever, take a peek behind the curtain and learn the secrets behind some of Dynamo’s incredible close-up magic. The Dynamo Magic Kit contains a curated selection of illusions chosen for their combination of spellbinding effect and ease of performing in everyday locations. Discover how to:

Tie your shoelaces without touching them
Cut your friends’ headphones in half and then magically restore them
Make a chosen card appear from nowhere
And much more

The Magic Kit contains everything you'll need to enthrall friends and strangers - from devices to supplementary props to Dynamo’s Book of Secrets, which includes words of inspiration from Dynamo, complete step-by-step instructions for each trick, plus tons of other brand new magic!

Kit includes:
Dynamo’s Book of Secrets
Standard deck of cards
Trick cards
Earbud headphones
Pair of shoelaces
Scratch-off lottery cards
Three essential secret devices

The ultimate magic kit has finally arrived!

Sold Out

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